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Join the club!

Membership in the font club gives you access to the whole back catalog of Semicool fonts.

The club membership will also give you access to new releases during the year. Pretty cool, huh?

Membership in the font club is on a per year basis. You can cancel your membership anytime you want and have access to the fonts for a whole year - as long as your membership is valid.

Join the club now! – $69 / year

What you get:

250+ fonts


30+ typefaces

with a total value of over


*If purchased separately

+ Upcoming releases


Membership benefits:

  • Access to all Semicool fonts

  • Future Semicool font releases

  • Simple Commercial License applies to all fonts

  • Certified Semicool Font Person*

* We've made this up. See it more like an honorary title. But feel free to use it!


What do I get?

After you've signed up for a membership you get a receipt with download links to the whole Semicool font catalogue.
Whenever Semicool releases a new font - and you have a valid membership - you'll get an email with download links for the new release.

What kind of license applies to the fonts?

It's the same license as buying the fonts à la carte here on
Install the fonts on up to 5 desktop computers and use them for personal & commercial projects.

Use the fonts to create end products for sale with a max of 100.000 end units.

You can use the fonts within e-books and websites as long as you don't exceed 100.000 page views per month.

Use the the fonts within the design of a logo or use the fonts within slogan based products.
If this doesn't cover your usage. Just contact us and we will sort it out together.

Is it a subscription?

Yes, technically it's an annual subscription that will automatically renew a year after your purchase.
You can cancel your subscription anytime from either your email receipt that you get when joining or via our technical partner Gumroad.

What happens if I leave the club?

You'll have access to the font catalogue for the whole year of your purchase. Memberships are bought for 365 days and you have full access during that time.

Does this means I can cancel directly after my purchase and I can download all your fonts and use it forever and ever?

Well, technically yes. As with every font purchase it's hard to keep track of usage and licenses e t c.
We are just going to trust that you are a good an decent person.
Hopefully, you'll appreciate the fonts and it's up to us at Semicool to create both fonts and club that you'll want to be part of and support.

How can I access the fonts?

When joining the club you'll get an email receipt from Gumroad who handles all the technical stuff and payments. In that email you'll find download links.
When purchasing you can also create a Gumroad account (and maybe you already have one). If you have a Gumroad account you'll have access to the fonts via your Gumroad Library.
If this all sounds complicated you can always contact us and we will re-send the fonts to you!

I have another question!

Oh, that's great! We'd love to hear from you. Just use the contact form or if you prefer sending an email you can do that to.

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